RAMA Examines “Moms of Tweens” In Latest Report

10 August 2010

Washington, August 9, 2010 – The Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, a division of the National Retail Federation, today released a new report which examines the similarities, differences and habits of moms of pre-teens compared to the average U.S. adult. The report highlights simultaneous media usage, online search triggers such as coupons, preferred social media websites, blogging habits and even music preferences. The survey was conducted by BIGresearch.

Highlights of the survey, “Moms of Tweens: More ‘In-Tune’ Than You Think”, include:

  • 48.2 percent of moms with pre-teens regularly use Facebook, compared to 39.9 percent of other adults

  • More moms with tweens read blogs than the average adult

  • Nearly eight out of 10 moms of tweens say coupons are their top media influencer for their grocery purchases; in general, moms of tweens prefer coupons over word-of-mouth when it comes to what influences their apparel and grocery purchases

  • When using media (ie: watching TV, reading a magazine, surfing the web, etc.), more than three-quarters of moms with tweens say they also do laundry and housework

  • More than one-third of surveyed moms listen to rock and top 40/pop music, compared to the average adult who listens to rock and oldies music most often


For the full “Moms of Tweens” reports, please click here to download.

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