SCHSA 15th Anniversaray - Parnters Award Ceremony

23 March 2012
Personal Emergency Link 平安鐘 - Senior Citizen Home Safety Association 長者安居協會

We were extrememly pleased and honored to be invited to the Senior Citizen Home Safety Assoication's 15th Anniversary Partners Award Ceremony on the 16th March, 2012.

During the ceremony, we learnt of the difficult moments SCHSA encountered in the early stages operating as a self-financing social enterpriese.

If you don't know already, SCHSA is the organization who introduced the great service of "Personal Emergency Link" (平安鐘) in Hong Kong. They have continue to be innovative in the field of elderly services by introducing new services such as Mobile Link Service (隨身寶), Safety Phone Service (平安手機) and EasyHome Service (管家易). To learn more about their services, please click here to find out more.
  Director Mr. James Tsao receiving the award from SCHSA
Mr. James Taso (Co-Founder) receiving the SCHSA Partners Award on behalf of InterBiztech Solutions

SCHSA - Award 2012 - Group Photo SCHSA Partners Award 2012 - Group Photo

Come and check out the website we created for SCHSA, click banner below:
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