Latest Trends and Evolution of Social Media Marketing – Updated Jan 2013

29 January 2013

Latest Trends and Evolution of Social Media Marketing

After the rapid on-going evolution of our social media landscape, it is important to reassess the trends and our understanding about the social media marketing game.

Here are some of our latest findings about Social Media Marketing.


A)   Social Media, A MUST Sales Tool For Businesses

From day one, social media has always been an attractive marketing tool for businesses. However companies are finding increasing ways to incorporate social media into their mainstream sales processes as more and more impressive results are realized.

So how are companies using social media as sales tool?

  • Become the "007" of Social Media – Sales team should make use of the information available on the sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter before contacting their sales leads. Salesman can gather personal interest and updates about their business leads and go into their calls equipped with the useful “intelligence” to increase their chance of success.    

  • Monitoring tools – It is important to know what your customers are talking about and even more important if they are talking about your brand or products. By using online monitoring tools, your sales team can pin point any business opportunities real time. This is one of the most powerful elements in social media platform.

  • Make it useful and “personal” – The key to social media success is personal interaction. If you treat it like a promotion channel, you will never achieve any results. Give people what they want, like interesting and useful information and they will be on your side.      


B)   Social Media, No Longer Just An Alternative, But a Gold Mine!

In the past, we see social media marketing an alternative to other “main stream” online marketing channels like company website and email marketing. However this is no longer the case as it is becoming more obvious that purchasing decisions are increasing influenced by interactions on social media platforms. If your company could fully utilized social media, you are digging yourself into a gold mine.

C)   Next Big Thing, Social Search

More and more you hear the term “Social Search”. It is basically s a type of web search that takes into account the Social Graph of the person initiating the search query. Big players like Facebook, Google and Bing are announcing their own initiatives to strengthen their products/services with Social Search. It is very likely we will see more online marketing strategies incorporating social search in the near future.

So how should we prepare ourselves?

* Start using “Authorship Tags” <rel=”author”> in your content – Authortags will make your web content stand out in Google’s search results. By claiming authorship for your own web content with this tag, your articles can have a dramatic impact on how your content appears in Google search results. Therefore more likely to be view by others.

* Find your “friends” – because of the nature of Social Search, it is importantfor you to identify who is sharing your content and encourage others to share.

D)   Visual Based Search Is Here to Stay

Social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are influencing eCommerce more and more, and they know know it too. Pinterest in particular has started encouraging companies to take average of the unique opportunity they offer by introducing business accounts and combined a bunch of new services to drive webtraffic to your website / online store. Many studies have shown that graphical posts in social sites like Facebook get twice as much attention than average text-based posts.

E)   Mobile, Mobile and Mobile

According to the latest figures from Nielsen, mobile is rapidly becoming the primary way we view and interact with social content. This was already obvious as many companies spent extra efforts on optimizing their websites for mobile devices.

To take advantageof this trend, you have to find ways to create a better experience for mobile users. Remember, we are not just talking about smartphones, but also other mobile devices like tablets and whatever comes next…

Time to head back to more reading for me to explore more new trends to share with you all!!

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