Our Philosophy

  • Our Philosophy

    InterBiztech is an innovative and dynamic eBusiness Solutions Provider with a mission to engage Corporate Clients of all sizes to the new digital economy for incremental competitiveness, revenues and new business opportunities.

    Our motto "eBusiness for All Seasons" refers to our capability to deliver the right solution at the appropriate entry point, optimizing resources, plus the ability to be customized and grow in depth-and-breadth along with your business. This means our clients can invest incrementally based on the success of their eBusiness initiatives - unlike the traditional approach in which a hefty upfront capital expenditure would be required before any business results can be recognized.

  • Our Culture

    As an eBusiness Solutions Provider in Hong Kong with a global perspective, InterBiztech places a heavy emphasis on appreciating various business practices and company cultures. In addition to delivering our solutions, we strive to provide an enriching and rewarding experience to our clients through creativity, mind-opening interactions, as well as having fun!

    Our Team consists of professionals from different backgrounds and know-how: Management Consultants, Business Development Managers, and IT Technologists from diverse geographies which include: United Kingdom, United States, China, Canada and Hong Kong. Having lived and participated in the early stages of the Internet Revolution, we understand and embrace the unique proposition that eBusiness brings, and more importantly, how it can be used as anenabler to bring businesses to the next level. We are passionate about what we do, sharing the same vision and focus in using technology to bring value to our clients.

  • Our Clients

    Every business is unique, and very often, the off-the-shelf software packages might not be the ideal nor the most economical choice for your business. Our growing portfolio of clients is the solid proof that InterBiztech is indeed the right choice.

    • epicmma Vita Revolution Archway

    Above are just a few few of our clients whom we have had the honor to serve. Our growing portfolio of clients includes businesses from: Investment & Asset Management Industry, Education Industry, Logistic Industry and the IT Hardware Industry.

    Yes, we are growing - this is only sustainable through the accelerated growth and success of our clients. To help our clients to flourish every season, InterBiztech aims to provide "eBusiness for All Seasons"

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