Extra Curricular Activities Manager

ECA Management System

Problems we are facing - With the increase in demand for extracurricular activities, the amount of hworkload for school and teachersin coordinating these activities has increased tremendously.

Pressure on school teachers - In view of the emerging needsand pressure for schools to coordinate more and more non-academicextra curricular activities, InterBiztech Solutions has created auser-friendly web-based management system to reduce the workload ofschool teachers.

Our Solution - ECA Management System

An intelligent & user-friendly software that automates the wholeECA coordination process and save teachers tremendous amount of time.

Save Time

Centralized ECA allocation - automatically allocate students withactivities of their choices.

Venue coordination - save teachers time in coordinating venuearrangement for different activities.

Good Control & Management

Class basis reports for class masters so that they know who isdoing what at where by when after school.

Course basis attendance list & record for coaches.

School basis report for school administrators so that they knowwhat is happening at where and when at their school everyday.

Student Profile Management

Exceed parents' expectation and help students better equipped forschool application / further studies:

  • Issue certificate based on their attendance record
  • Individual certificates print out
  • Reports of individual achievement profiles
  • School basis achievement and award record

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