Portal Features

You have content and resources at your fingertips. Nowwhat?Liferay Collaboration takes you to the next step and enablesproductivediscussion around all your collective knowledge. Then, tie italltogether with the latest in social networking features for atrulydynamic work experience.


KnowledgeBase leverages collaboration functionality to providea happy medium between centralized and distributed content creation;it is more structured than a wiki, but less formal than using awork-flow involved content management system.

While the articles themselves are meant to be provided by anadministrator or site manager, end users can vote on whether thesearticles are helpful and make comments to them.


Build up and document important or interesting information asa community with Liferay's Wiki, which competes with standaloneproducts in the robustness of feature set.

Each community gets its own Wiki with its own set ofauthorizations. Anyone with editing rights can quickly contributeinformation to these online topical encyclopedias.

Message Boards

Message Boards are a perfect solution for facilitatingconversations around shared ideas within a department or projectteam, or for capturing and sharing the tacit knowledge of theworkgroup.

Liferay offers views of message board activity statistics andrecent posts and users can both subscribe to threads via RSS andreply to threads by email. Like all other portlets, Message Boardsare secured by Liferay's granular system of authorizations whichgrants varying levels of control to different users.

Collabnetthe creators ofSourceForge, used Liferay’s Message Boards to build its DiscussionServices functionality, part of CollabNet Enterprise Edition.


Liferay's Blogs provide the best features of modern bloggingtools coupled with the benefits of the community-centric nature ofLiferay Portal. They allow users to convey information and facilitateconversations around blogs directly in the context of a website,intranet, extranet, or social network.

Features include a user-friendly rich text editor, socialbookmarking links, email notifications of blog replies, and an entryrating system. All blogs can be subscribed to via RSS and users canschedule entries to be published at specific times and dates.

Abuse Reporting

If there are applications with valuable content that needs tobe accessed, rest assured that our open SOA development strategymakes Liferay Portal one of the best technologies to use forapplication integration.

Liferay Portal can speak to your HR system, Accountingsoftware or any other system to pull relevant information as you needit.

World Vision leveraged LiferayPortal’s open and flexible framework to pull in technology fordynamic mapping and Enterprise Content Management.

Activity Tracking

Keep tabs on the most recent activity on Liferay Blogs,Message Boards, Wiki and other tools. This information is displayedin "Recent Activity" portlets and on a Facebook-like Activity Wall.

See how Liferay is usingActivity Tracking to serve its active open source community.

Instant Message

A friends list automatically displays the names of all otherlogged-in portal users. If you have something to say, just IM them.You also get familiar chat features like profile pictures andcustomized away messages. For your convenience, chat boxes stay atthe bottom of your screen and follow you as you navigate through theportal while conversations remain secure behind your organization'sfirewall.


If you need to send an email, do it directly through theportal. A full AJAX-based webmail client with a sleek, user-friendlyinterface can be configured to interface with many popular IMAP emailservers.

Shared Calendar

Community-based calendars that allow users to create, manage,search for events. Events can be shared across communities, and eventreminders can be set up to alert users of upcoming events by email,IM, or SMS. Microformats and Calendaring support allow you totransfer calendar and user information via Web 2.0 standards.

Announcements Alerts

Broadcast messages to different group of users whether theyare simple announcements or "newsletter"-like in purpose.

Each user can control how they receive alerts: viaportal-based web alert, SMS, Email or any additional deliverymechanisms configured by the portal administrator.


Multiple choice polls can be created with this tool that alsokeeps track of votes. Many separate polls can be managed and aseparate portlet can be configured to display a specific poll’sresults.


Subscribe to frequently read RSS feeds from message boards andblogs within the portal.




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