Portal Features

Don't just store your content away--manage, integrate and publishit with Liferay Portal's built-in content management system that allowsyour information to take the form of a public website, a sharedworkspace or an enterprise content repository.

Web Publishing

Beyond managing existing content, Liferay CMS lets userseasily create and manage everything from a simple article of text andimages to full functional web sites. Web publishing works alongsideLiferay Portal's larger collection of applications, which means thatyou can add in shopping cart functionality, visitor polls, web forms,community collaboration tools and more.

Everything is done with our collection of easy-to-use toolswith familiar rich-text editors and intuitive interface.

Lufthansa Flight Training School published its employee portalwith working employee store and shopping cart using Liferay CMS.

Document Library & Image Gallery

Liferay CMS provides one central place to aggregate and manageall your content. Each community within Liferay Portal gets its ownseparate Document Library and Image Gallery.

Both are equipped with customizable folders and act as aweb-based shared drive for all your team members, no matter wherethey are. Because content is accessible only by those authorized bythe administrator, each individual file is as open or as secure asyou need it to be.

Integration with Microsoft Office®

Liferay CMS features integration with Microsoft Office®, whichmeans that when you update files and documents from your local drive,they can be automatically uploaded to your document repositoryonline.

Liferay CMS makes use of publicly available SharePoint®protocols to allow users to open, save, version, lock, and sharedocuments directly between Liferay and Microsoft Office®. This opensup new ways of integrating desktop workflow with web-basedcollaboration and document storage. For example, a marketing teamworking on a new product campaign can store Powerpoints, brochures,copy and graphics in a Liferay document library and brainstorm ideasusing collaboration tools such as IM, Wiki, and Forums.

Multiple File Uploads

Instead of adding files one by one, users can upload multipleat a time to the document library, image gallery and any of the othertools that allow for document attachments.

In the Document Library, you can convert a file's format uponboth upload and export (ie, a word document into a pdf).

Easy Integration

If there are applications with valuable content that needs tobe accessed, rest assured that our open SOA development strategymakes Liferay Portal one of the best technologies to use forapplication integration.

Liferay Portal can speak to your HR system, Accountingsoftware or any other system to pull relevant information as you needit.

WorldVision leveraged Liferay Portal’s open and flexible framework to pullin technology for dynamic mapping and Enterprise Content Management.

Multi-Tier Search

Users can search for relevant information throughout an entireportal, within a community, within specific portlets such as Wikis,Message Boards, among others, and even in external integratedapplications.

Out of the box, there is the choice of using either Amazon'sOpenSearch or SOLR. Other search engines can be integrated easily.

Asset Publisher

While Liferay Portal pulls together all your content, thistool allows you to publish any piece of content in your portal,either through a set of publishing rules or by manually selecting it.

For example, if you wanted to publish all content that has thetag "sales", you could set up an Asset Publisher portlet to do that.Any time a user posts anything with that tag, whether it be adocument, an image, a blog entry, Wiki page, a message board postingor a Bookmark to Liferay's home page, that asset would get publishedin the Asset Publisher portlet.

Drag-and-Drop Site Maps

As a site gets larger, users appreciate the convenience ofautomatically generated site maps that are dynamic enough to letusers rearrange site pages with a simple drag and drop.

Dynamic Tagging

Users can Tag web content, documents, message board threadsand more to dynamically share important or interesting content withother portal users.

One-Click Page Creation

Portals allow multiple user types to access a single URL andaccess a unique page view depending on the users role, group,organization or personal preferences. Administrator controlled anduser customized, Liferay Portal provides a central platform fordetermining enterprise content policy, including who can edit andpublish content, files, communities, files and applications.

Dynamic Drag & Drop

Liferay saves content creators and publishers the trouble ofhaving to configure each new page they create. This feature allowsadministrators to create and save page templates that define theelements (content, applications, portlets) that will live in a pageand how they will be laid out.

User-Driven Workflow & Approval

Not only is there embedded workflow for content, LiferayPortal allows users to create their own workflow and define thenumber of approval paths based on their own unique businessrequirements and operational needs.

For example, administrators can now implement an approvalprocess for new document uploads before they appear in the DocumentLibrary.

Web Content Structures and Templates

Liferay Portal allows users to easily create predefined andreusable structures, templates, and page layouts for content. Thosewith limited HTML and CSS skills will only need to enter text andupload images via rich text editors--their content is automaticallystyled based on the structure and templates they are using at thetime.

Structure Comments

Liferay Portal allows administrators to add special notes toweb content structures and templates to instruct content authors andeditors on how they should be used.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content creation and publishing in Liferay CMS is simple andstraight forward. A rich text editor with spell check and textstyling enables anyone to create content without knowing how to codeas if they were editing a Word document. Those who do know how tocode can edit in the same editor from a source code mode.

Workspace Publishing

Organizations worldwide use Liferay Portal to publish fullintranets, extranets, collaboration platforms and other workspaces tomeet their functional needs.

Leveraging the system of communities and organizations, eachdepartment or team can have its own secured space equipped with a setof features and look and feel of its choosing. Each space has its ownCMS and document library that can be supplemented by any of LiferayPortal's other collaboration or administrative tools andapplications. They can even share documents and information betweendepartments.

Read more about how AutoZoneleveraged Liferay Portal for its employee intranet.

Live Page Editing and Scheduling

If you need to alter what you've created and published, youcan do this live. Liferay CMS lets you edit and preview updates on alive site in real-time without affecting what the public sees untilyou're absolutely ready. You can do this with individual pages,entire communities, and full portals.

If you don't want to publish right away, you can tell LiferayPortal when to publish, what to publish and where to publish it to.It'll even let you revert back to older versions of your work.

Dynamic Virtual Hosting

After setting up a website, intranet or other Liferaycreation, dynamic virtual hosting allows you to use this sameinstallation of Liferay Portal to spin-off an infinite number ofother portals, each with its own unique URL, look and feel andfunctionality.

For example, a music site can run infinite numbers of subsites for various musicians. Each musician would get its own site (amini portal) with a login for their fans, unique URL and theme.

All this is easily managed via the UI.

Multi-language Support

International or multi-lingual organizations get out of thebox support for 30+ languages. Users can toggle between differentlanguage settings with just one click. You can also easily add otherlanguages.




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