How to Market Your Products with Hang Tags

2012 年 10 月 08 日
Hang tags are still everywhere. These little gems are a great way to market many types of products – from clothing to motorcycles. A properly designed hang tag can really attract the attention of a potential buyer.

A well-made hang tag can often be what draws the line between a sale and a non-sale. Just like every other kind of marketing, the production of a good hang tag that makes people buy is actually quite a science. Here are some clever ways to make your hang tags sell.

#1: Make the Message Simple and Clear

The tag needs to grab attention by telling a quick story and projecting a positive image of your product. When you design it, you want it to both boost the recognition of your brand and attract attention. When a person glances at the tag, he needs to think of your product line right away. If the customer does not identify your company when he sees that tag, you are losing out on sales.

#2: Make That Tag Big

We know that you are going to spend more of your marketing budget here. But hey, do you want to make sales or not? Bigger hang tags make more sales! Also, think about what sort of product you are selling here. If you are selling a pair of shoes, you need to have a smaller tag. But if you are selling a motorcycle, you want something big and flashy.

Make sure you do not have too much information on the tag. If you have too much text for one side, consider printing more critical text on the other side.

#3: Don’t Forget Product Specs

A hang tag is designed for marketing a product. But part of marketing is talking about the technical aspects of your product. If you are selling jeans, you should promote the sale and soft selling features on the front. On the back, you might mention what the jeans are made of, and how to get them clean.

#4: Go BIG on Numbers

If you’re using hang tags for a sale, make sure you put the prices in BIG numbers. This really gets people’s attention. Everyone wants to know what the item costs first of all. If you make it simple to see that, you’re halfway to the sale!

#5: Try to Double the Marketing Value

Are you just using that tag for a sale? That’s only one purpose. Why not go for two? For example, perforate that tag for another few cents apiece. Have the customer tear the tag in half and use it for some sort of discount on a future purchase. Or, you can have customers mail in that coupon so that they can get some sort of bonus or extra in the future. This is a good way to grow your email and mailing list.

Of course, not every marketing plan involves print advertising; you also can spend wise marketing dollars on your SEO company. But as you can see, using hang tags for making sales is a natural, if you know what you are doing. Good luck!

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